It’s been so long since I’ve written here I actually forgot the name of my blog and had to search through my emails and spend some time figuring out how to access this and log in. That’s not something I feel great about. But writing is always something I return to at some point in my life, whether it’s online or in a notebook or journal, it will always be a part of my life. I’ve known that for some time, but this is one of those reminders.

So, after almost two years away, this might be my start back into writing poems and potentially random thoughts on here again.

I think I’ve grown a lot in the past little bit. Certainly a lot has changed. I’ve started to understand myself better and to really recognize the reality of my mental health and the impact that trauma can have on a person. Writing is a great outlet for me. I hope to one day write a book that will help me release all of these things inside me and all of the things I’ve learned along the way. Sometimes I feel like the only real value in suffering is to help others, and to try to understand yourself, or find a way to make something good come out of it. Otherwise it all feels like a waste.


minuscule morsel



Rain clouds,

the gods of my life

controlling my fate

Gloomy grey days


need a break,

a sliver of sunshine

a ray

a minuscule morsel

of hope to hold on to

to breathe for.

baby girl



baby girl,

what can I tell you

of a world

I’ll want to protect you


Your baby giggles warm my heart

and I wish they’d never stop

but I know truths lie ahead

slowly revealed

realities can’t be concealed


Progress happens slowly,

we’ve moved on,

but I need you to be strong

to know your worth

when you become

a woman,

in a world not always kind

to everyone,

not open or diverse,

small victories intersperse

with entrenched norms.

Never lose your carefree smile,

though it may wax and wane,

don’t ever let it fade,

always remember how much

you are loved.




I’m a keeper of secrets,

they eat me inside,

truths untold,

Not a real lie just a

blatant omission

a brick wall trying to keep out

the conflicts boiling within you,

unknowingly between you,

unseen, by your eyes,

unheard in your mind

but screaming in mine

to be silenced, for your sake

for a false peace

that families

foster and flourish

to calm waves,

a still lake so benign

nothing shows beneath

reflections on water.


Tell me



I need to read more
I need a book to tell
me, explain to me
Who I am,
How do I feel and why.

Always at a loss, an
Immigrant a difficult
Childhood the things
We don’t talk about–
Our lives, just disappear,
Blend in, into the background
Don’t stand out,
You’re weird, different and strange,
You’re poor,
You’ll say the wrong things,
Expose yourself just hide
And now I need a book to
tell me, who am I
and why.