Think of Me



Do I enter your thoughts

Now and again?

Do you replay the moments,

The tenderness

That satisfied your yearning,

Until comfort let you

Throw it all away?

Do you think of me


And wonder?

How it might have been,

If other Gods

Hadn’t swept you away?

If work wasn’t your master,

If you weren’t enslaved

By all the things you thought

You’d be,

You wanted to become?

You travel a solitary path,

Motivated to conquer,

To achieve the things you want to see

Scrawled behind your name.

I’ve come to terms with this

But all I ask is one thing:

Next time you seek a partner,

Search deep inside yourself

Ask honestly:

Do I want to share my life,

Or keep on going,


Alone, but sort of dragging

An unwilling sidekick



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